Thursday, June 22, 2017

Framed Spring

CT tag featuring the beautiful art of Rebecca Sinz
using her tube Seasons Spring. I am
also using the wonderful matching
scrap Seasons Spring by
The beauty of spring has been
captured for a moment in the frames.
Caught off-guard, she had no time 
to hide from the photographer of
Mother Nature. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Laughter Dies

CT tag featuring the gorgeous art of Enys Guerrero 
using her June 2017 Bonus tube. I am
also using the Inspired by Enys Guerrero 
June 2017 Bonus Scrap by Tasha's Playground.
After the audiences have left & the 
stage has fallen silent, the actors 
cease to perform. Behind the faces
of the characters they play,
can lie stories far more
interesting than they ones 
audiences watch.

Life Is Delicious

CT tag featuring the magical art of Renee Biertempfel 
& the beautiful scrap by Hungry Hill
called Elves In The Berries.
The ladybugs are enjoying their
favorite snacks out in the sunshine.
They are on their way to visit 
with a certain elf outside.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Gothic Wish

CT tag featuring the fabulous art of Arthur Crowe
using his tube Gothic Wish Fairy. She is part 
of a massive collab exclusive to 
Help 4 Casper at Hania's Design.
She comes with lots of layer options
& there are a ton of scraps to match them.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Beach Girl

CT timeline featuring the adorable
& fun scrap Make A Splash
have lots of fun playing in the 
sun & waves with this scrap.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


CT tag featuring the stunning art of Dirk Richter
using his tube 21-1. I am also featuring the
Inspired by Dirk Richter 21-1 
Scrap by Honored Scraps.
Sometimes, we have to give our 
permission t- to allow ourselves
to love or dream in this life. While 
others may say we can, ultimately it
is ourselves that we must convince.

Dream Of Me

CT tag featuring the beautiful art of Barbara Jensen
using one of her CDO Exclusive tubes.
With her, I am also showcasing the wonderful
scrap Touch of Elegance by Ladyhawwk Designs.
When she is gone, you shall dream of her.
Will you see her again or is she forever
the one you remember & wonder about?
The scent of the flowers can bring 
back a memory of times past with her.